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Optimization of small and large sites

Advanced analysis and optimization for any website

  • Optimization of public website

  • Traffic analysis

  • Advanced performance and resource optimization

  • Advanced indexing for large sites

  • Improvement of speed-related SEO factors

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    More than 50 websites with high daily traffic

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Fast websites with traffic

Optimization of popular or very visited websites

Improve the experience and profitability of your website

Optimization of massive static content

Analysis and optimization of static resources used by the web pages to optimize a website with traffic. It is necessary to reduce as much as possible the amount and weight of static resources such as images, stylesheets, JavaScript programming files, typographies, etc.

Optimization of server response times

One of the main characteristics that a website with optimized traffic must offer is the speed of response, as well as the time it takes to send all the information necessary to display the content. It will be necessary to analyze and optimize metrics such as TTFB (Time to First Byte), FCP (First Contentful Paint), LCP (Largest Contenful Paint), or TTI (Time to Interactive).

Weight reduction and optimization of traffic consumption in hosting

By reducing the amount and weight of resources we need to display the content of the pages, we will optimize other aspects such as the traffic consumption needed for a certain number of sessions or daily visits. In addition, with a correct and optimal use of caching systems, we will be able to reduce very noticeably the consumption of the server when supporting all the traffic.

Get more traffic and improve your positions in search engines by optimizing the web

Major search engines like Google need to read and process all our content. If we are faster and more efficient, search engines will need to do less work to store and understand all our content. On the other hand, Google has specifically stated, on different occasions, the application of metrics related to the speed of a website as a SEO factor or ranking factor.

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More usable and efficient web projects

Can I earn more money with my website by doing WPO?

Improve the conversion and performance of your online project

  • Improve your users' first impression

  • Improves the user experience

  • Optimize behavioral metrics

  • Improve the performance of your online storefront

  • Improve your SEO results

  • Improve your conversion

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