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Web speed analysis

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Advanced WPO audit

Quality analysis to know the current situation and performance details

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    Resource Analysis

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    Plugins Analysis

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    Metrics study

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    Study of the weight of resources

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WPO experts

What is a WPO audit?

How can I check my website performance?

Analysis of different pages or templates used by the website

The first step before running a speed audit of a website is to identify and analyze all relevant or necessary pages used by website users.
Once we have identified those URLs that are necessary to be able to audit the website, we proceed to create the structure of the WPO audit.

Advanced audit of resources used by the pages of the site

Most of the websites audited by our experts over more than 10 years have had problems or necessary improvements related to the front-end of the site. One of the main features of our audits is the advanced analysis of all the resources downloaded by each of the pages analysed. It is important to know the weak points that most affect the speed of the website in order to be able, at a later stage, to analyse, optimise or, in many cases, eliminate them from the loaded resources.

Analysis of critical resources and static content to be optimised

It is very important to analyze and optimize the way and the order in which we load the resources to show the content to our users. Currently, most websites on the Internet do not correctly prioritize and optimize these aspects that directly affect the time our users need to be able to view the content of a website.
In our audit, we include personalized recommendations based on the data obtained by different tools, some developed by ourselves for our clients and projects.

Analysis of server response times and latency for your real users

One of the most common problems that affect many websites is related to the time it takes our server (or servers) to send all the necessary resources to our users. The Internet is global and knowing the real time our users, sometimes from many countries, wait until we send and display the content is crucial. Current technology allows us to achieve very fast times and latencies in the different countries or geographical areas of our users and customers.

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Advanced pre-analysis

Advanced WPO audit execution

After a pre-evaluation, we make improvements to your project

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    Advanced WPO audit

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    Current website development analysis

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    WPO changes needed found in the audit

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