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Advantages of having a fast content website

Improve the user experience and get the most out of your content

  • Content analysis and optimization

    Experts in web content optimization

  • Improve the user experience

    Optimizing the weight of the web for a better user experience

  • Back-end analysis and optimization

    Geographic analysis of web visitors for server optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO onpage experts

  • Improving behavioral metrics

    Web speed optimization for improving metrics

  • Cache systems and back-end

    Experts in server caching and performance

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Maximum performance for your content

WPO for content websites

Speed and performance optimization for your online content

Public website analysis and optimization

One of the main points to optimize a content website (services, products, courses, news …) is to analyze and optimize as much as possible the content and resources needed for each page of our website to display the content and make it interactive for our potential customers, readers or users.

All content websites, like almost all websites on the Internet, need to send the HTML content that contains everything needed to display the page, CSS code to give style and form to our content, JavaScript programming -mostly used in excess of what is required to have a fast website-, typography/s, etc. It is important to analyze and optimize each resource previously mentioned to ensure that our website weighs as little as possible, is fast to load and display content, and guarantees a user experience, at least in terms of speed, as optimal as possible.

Analysis and optimization of server response times

It is essential to know the geographical scope of our website, to try to achieve minimum latency and download times of our content for all users.

Analyzing and optimizing the response time, as well as the consumption and time required by our server to send all the resources necessary to display the page to each of the visitors of our website is extremely important. At the same time, and with the aim of optimizing, it is necessary to use, as far as possible, server caching systems.

Improving SEO and search engine positioning factors

Google is one of the main beneficiaries if we optimize the speed of our website. Google has been making great efforts for years to get website creators on the Internet to give the importance it requires to factors such as the weight of our website, the time our users need to wait to consume the content, or the time and consumption required by crawlers such as those used to read, process and understand all the content on our web pages.

Optimizing the performance of your content

Many studies, some of them by ourselves over 10 years, confirm that by improving the speed of our content website, we are able to improve the performance we expect from it. Metrics such as the average time our users spend per session or visit, the bounce rate from our pages, or the average number of page views per session clearly benefit. If your website monetizes with advertising systems, showing a commercial catalogue, services, courses or any kind of content, improving the speed and the user experience will let you achieve better results.

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Instant interactive content

Optimization of content websites

Experts in optimizing content pages with WordPress and other CMS

  1. FCP and FMP under 1 second

  2. TTI under 1,5 seconds

  3. Experts in semantic and structured data

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