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Experts in web performance optimization in WordPress. Maximum speed using the most popular CMS on the Internet

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The most popular CMS at the highest level

We take advantage of WordPress while keeping performance to the highest level

Limited use of third party plugins, administration optimization avoiding any kind of page builder or composer and custom front-end optimization

  • Limited use of plugins

  • Content manager optimization

  • Custom front-end optimization

  • Custom development of plugins

  • Remove any builder or composer

  • Maximum speed for your WordPress

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Speed up WordPress

Performance optimization in WordPress

We use advanced speed techniques by limiting and optimizing the use of plugins

Analysis and optimization of the WordPress theme used

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet, with a market share of 35% by 2020. It gets many people to create their website without any knowledge of programming or web development required. The problem with all these websites is that they are implemented using themes that do not care about the performance and speed of the website, the final product that our users see.

On the other hand, the vast majority of recent web pages made with WordPress in recent years are created with integrated systems in the administration, which allow to create any web page with numerous visual content resources, previously programmed. The problem with all these systems is the huge amount and weight of programming resources that need to be loaded into our final website. This causes that the web is not optimal, independently of the form and order in which we deliver the content to the devices. After all, we are sending all those programming files that, for example, our visitors’ mobiles will have to download, analyze and execute.

Analysis, optimization and deactivation or replacement of used plugins

One of the main advantages that WordPress offers us is the huge amount of plugins – complements or developments made by third parties that we can integrate into our WordPress pages directly from the administration panel – that we can use. The negative part of this advantage is the frequent “overuse” of these plugins which, if they need to load resources or content into our public page, can directly affect the speed and performance of our website.

WPO audit for our WordPress website

In Ecode we have our WPO audit. We offer it for all kinds of websites including, of course, those made with WordPress. This audit will allow us to know the current state of the speed and performance of the web page, as well as to identify the priority points to improve in order to increase the loading speed of our site.

Administration analysis and optimization in WordPress and server caching system

The fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS and has a large community does not guarantee that all the add-ons or themes you can find are good enough or, at times, comfortable and usable when it comes to managing our website. After an analysis of requirements and ideas, we will propose a series of improvements or modifications to ensure that the administration system never poses a performance problem for you or your team.

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WordPress experts

We never use page builders or visual composers

We optimize the public page you show to your visitors

  1. Creating custom components as you need them

  2. Control over resources/requests

  3. Easy management of your web content

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